— Trinity Curriculum


(A) Diploma In Theology, 24 Credits

Biblical Studies: NT and OT Introductions


Theology: Introduction to Theology, the Catechism

Ethics: Introduction to Ethics, including Chinese

Philosophy of Life: Introduction to Religions, Sociology, and Chinese philosophy 

Church History: Church history, Christianity in China, Episcopal Church in Taiwan

Liturgy: Christian Worship, Sunday Ministries


(B) Diploma In Practical Theology, 20 Credits

Compulsory 10 credits from the following, plus 10 electives from any other course offer:

Missiology: Theology and Practice 

Sunday Ministries

Introduction to NT 

Worship Music



Biblical Studies

Pastoral Care and Counselling

Constitution and Canons and Church Operations

Special subjects such as :

Flower Arrangement for Liturgical Seasons;  Long-term Elderly Care  

Compulsory for Ordination Candidates

Parish Ministry and Pastoral Counselling

Constitution and Canons and Church Operations

Liturgical Preaching and Cultural context

Field Work


(C) Master Of Divinity, 64 Credits

Biblical Studies: OT and NT Introductions, Biblical Exegesis

Anglicanism: History, Spirituality

Theology: Christian Theology, Patristics, Chinese philosophy, Contemporary context   

Christ & Culture: Religions, Chinese culture, Christianity in China, Chinese Christian (Theological) writings  

Liturgy: The BCP, Christian worship and Spiritualty

Ethics: Introduction to Christian ethics, Contemporary issues

Seminars & Forums on above topics

Optional Thesis requirement

*The principal medium of instruction for all courses is Mandarin Chinese.